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A digital workspace and framework for environmental and social impact assessment.

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Project Setup

Setup you project and customise your project by identifying  Stages, Sources, Pathways and Receptors (S-P-R Model).

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Scoping assessment

Undertake a preliminary source, pathway and receptor assessment to guide stakeholder consultation and identify key environmental studies to support the impact assessment process.

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Management Strategies

Evaluating the role of management strategies, demonstrate they are commensurate with the level of impact predicted and will be effective.

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Legislation, Standards and Guidelines

Identifying relevant legislation, standards and guidelines relevant to each Potential Impact Event and the environmental impact assessment process.

Impact Assesment

Impact assessment

Assess impact significance and justifying why if deemed ‘not significant’ that this is correct, and if ‘significant’ why this is acceptable.

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Describe any significant degree of uncertainty relating to the assessment of sources, pathways and receptors, including (but not limited to) lack of site-specific information, limitations on modelling and quality of data. Describe any assumptions connected with the identified uncertainty.

Identify the sensitivity of any changes in assumptions that have been made, including whether a change in assumption may result in a new environmental impact.

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Identify the sensitivity to change of any assumption that has been made, including whether a change in assumption may result in a new environmental impact or increase impact significance.

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Conditions of consent

Developing proposed Outcomes (conditions) that are commensurate with the impact and risk profile of the project.

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Simple reporting templates and outputs that can be directly uses in a projects Environmental Impact Statement or use it for a simple transformative Environmental Impact Statement.

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Project management

Task tracking and scheduling or Integration with existing traditional project management tools or agile project management tools.

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Invite the mutlidisciplinary team into the workspace to collaborate and advance the assessment of impact. Ensure or multidisciplinary teams are using the same impact assessment framework.

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Engage with community and government stakeholder within the work space.

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Real time statistic on the current assessment status.

Our purpose is to assist Environmental and Social  Impact Assessment professionals and Project Managers  achieve 'license to operate' and unlock project value with a 'no assumption, no surprises' approach

Identify, assess and project manage impact assessments in a transparent and repeatable manner with an easy-to-use digital framework and workspace.

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