Digital Impact Assessment’s Purpose

Achieving 'license to operate' and unlocking value with a 'no assumption, no surprises' approach to environmental and social impact assessment.

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“Lead with science, make simple things
simple and complex things understandable”

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How the Digital Impact Assessment journey started

Technical studies not commensurate with impact or risk, confusion between risk and impact, confused stakeholders, poor regulatory outcomes, inconsistent impact assessment frameworks, project schedule delays, budget overruns.

These things have frustrated the founders of Digital Impact Assessment who have extensive consulting and industry experience who want to transform environmental and social impact assessments to rebuild industry trust with all stakeholders.

Building trust with robust science and transparency starts with Digital Impact Assessment.

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“We believe Digital Impact Assessment will enable a true social impact assessment to be undertaken by listening and considering the views of communities and effective communication of science.”
Mark longbotton

Mark Longbottom

Founder, Digital impact Assessment.

Your projects ‘licence to operate’ starts here

Your projects ‘licence to operate’ starts here