A digital workspace and framework for environmental and social impact assessment

Achieving 'license to operate' and unlocking value with a 'no assumption, no surprises' approach to environmental and social impact assessment.

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No clusters to set up, and no code to write. No PhD required.

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Build trust through  transparency

Identify and assess environmental and social impacts in a scientific, transparent, simple and repeatable manner.

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Focus on what

Use a source, pathway and receptor model to determine the scope of technical assessments commensurate with the level of impacts predicted.

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A workspace for project managers and technical experts to use in the delivery of environmental and social impact assessments.

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Gain greater certainty relating to government and community expectations, develop achievable regulatory outcomes, reduce schedule and costs risks.

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Undertake a true social impact assessment

Describe the potential impacts on people and communities and outline measures that are used to avoid, minimise or remedy impacts.

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Transform impact assessments

Engage like never seen before with government and community stakeholders with the digital dashboards and read-only access to the workspace.

Who is Digital Impact Assessment a perfect fit for?

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Impact assessment professionals

Identify, assess and project manage impact assessments in a transparent and repeatable manner with an easy-to-use digital framework and workspace.

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Understand early in the project lifecycle where environmental and social risks exist and  plan early.

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Ensure you supporting technical studies are scoped in line with what matters and aligned with a consistent impact assessment framework.

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Multiple sectors and jurisdictions

Mining, infrastructure and  renewable across all international jurisdictions.

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Governments and communities

Interact with the workspace to truly engage and assess environmental and social impacts underpinned with transparency and trust.

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Achieve licence to operate with Digital Impact Assessment

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No assumptions
No surprises